DevOps Bibliography

Here are some resources I have completed on DevOps


Sources (highly influenced by Michael Huetterman's DevOps for Developers):

    Books strictly about DevOps that I've read:
  1. Michael Huetterman, DevOps for Developers: - I've read this one, review soon
    Books strictly about DevOps I'm yet to read:
  1. Matthew Sacks, Pro Website Development and Operations. Streamlining DevOps for large-scale websites:
  2. Jennifer Davis, Katherine Daniels, Effective DevOps. Building a Culture of Collaboration, Affininty and Tooling at Scale:
  3. Paul Swartout, Contonuus Delivery and DevOps: A Quickstart Guide:
  4. Joakim Verona: Practical DevOps:
    Online sources:
  1. DevOps Borat:
  2. John Willis, What DevOps means to me:
  3. Mike Loukides, What is DevOps?: