My short bio

Completelyfake is a page about what makes me tick, what interests me and what I'm currently working on.

I am Linux/Unix systems administrator with love for finding out how things work. I often get myself busy with local opensource crowd.

For many years I've been working professionally and semi-professionally with illumos technologies, most notably OpenZFS.

Love ZFS, DTrace, illumos. Learn SystemTap, eBPF and Ubuntu (now, that they include ZFS as a prime time package).

Learn to play violin which I restored myself.

My LinkedIn profile.

Recently started rediscovering Linux (especially Fedora distro and since ZFS becoming official package also Ubuntu) and find it fascinating.

My GitHub profile, where I throw in a quick code I have to put together.

For a long time I have been a member of SzLUUG - Szczecin Linux/Unix User Group. Together with them I've hosted and later helped to organise few OpenSource conferences in Warsaw and Szczecin.

Several times I've been a guest to First Polish IT Podcast "Trącić Myszką", as an expert on OpenSource movement.

Currently Senior Technical Support Engineer at Red Hat.
Previously Technical Support Engineer at Canonical.