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Obligatory New Year blog post

Every blog needs at least one post a year - the obligatory New Year blog post. Here is mine. :)

For a very long time I wanted to become part of actively programming OpenZFS community. This year finally I gathered courage and attacked very simple ZFS on Linux issue that proved to be perfect for me.
8235: feature request: zpool iostat N should repeat header like vmstat N. Not much changes, about 20 lines of code and few very small additions to man page, but I really like the outcome: pull request 8262. It's already accepted and I work on getting it merged.

I have decided to take off my ZFS Admin Guide revived. For various reasons I couldn't work on it at all and it was stalled for over a year. I didn't even check status of the OpenZFS version, which might have been updated by now.

I am considering updating Introducing ZFS on Linux and discuss 2nd edition with publisher, but that's something that wouldn't happen in 2019, most probably.

I don't make New Year commitments, but I have some plans that I'd love to realize:
1. get up to ten PRs merged to ZFS on Linux
2. gain understanding of one Ceph project component. Having patches accepted seems like too ambitious plan for this year
3. finish my golang timetrack project on github
4. have one patch merged into Gluster project
And that's enough, it's already very long list.